Mushroom, Spinach, Feta Frittata

I find breakfast to be a frustrating meal. I’m a big fan of breakfast yet in the morning I don’t always have the time to cook with the baby, (Awww… Cute morning time Maddy) real life and the hustle and bustle of the morning.

So I stand in front of my cabinets and refrigerator, opening and closing expecting that the next time I open them something will just pop out at me. Alas, I hem and haw as I find myself at this crossroad, faced with the choices of cereal (blegh!), yogurt (yum… but I get bored with it) or some sort of bread product (english muffin, toast, frozen waffle)… these are my “quick options.” Frustrating. So when I actually have the opportunity to cook myself a good breakfast I’m so happy!! I am a girl who needs a good, solid breakfast. I can’t scarf down my “quick options” and be satisfied. All those simple carbs are processed and out of my system an hour later leaving my stomach grumbling back to square one again. So protein is a MUST!

This frittata is great because it’s one of those breakfasts that I can make pretty quickly and it’s so much better than my boring everyday alternatives. Also, with the combination of whole eggs and egg whites it makes it a healthier version. The kids like it also so it’s a great breakfast for the whole family that will take all of about 10 minutes to make… then throw it in the oven and that’s it! You’ll find it easy to make and delicious.

Also, as with the majority of my recipes you’ll find that you can easily take the base recipe and jazz it up with ideas of your own… instead of spinach and mushrooms maybe go with zucchini and summer squash, onions and tomatoes… Add Swiss cheese instead of feta. So many possibilities!! This also makes a great brunch dish or even dinner.


**…Your Mouth Will Thank You!

2 whole eggs

4 egg whites

A hearty splash of milk

1/2 c. chopped mushrooms

1/2 c. chopped spinach

1/4 c. feta cheese (I use a feta that has sun-dried tomatoes in it and it adds a little something extra)

salt and pepper to taste

*Whisk the eggs.

*Add in the other ingredients. Gently mix together.

*Spray a small skillet with non-stick cooking spray and pour the egg mixture into the skillet.

*Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.



About FoodBabbles

I'm just a girl with a passion for good food. Especially the sweet side of life. I love to eat it, make it, read about it... if it has to do with food, it's for me. I'd like to share my food, writing and photos with you. Sometimes they come out great. Other times, well... there are some mishaps but I'll share those with you too. I'm only human! Either way, I enjoy it and hope you will too! So here are sugary, sweet culinary delights from my talented yet dangerously klutzy hands so obviously not bred to work with sharp knives and hot ovens.
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  1. Your Mom says:

    what a cute baby!!!!

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