Slow-Cooker Dulce de Leche

Way back in March, I had the pleasure of discovering the fabulous blog Life and Kitchen through my participation in the Secret Recipe Club. Lindsay made it incredibly hard to choose just one recipe to make that month. I’ve now become a regular reader of her blog and thought I would share with you one of our latest faves from her site.

HB is a huge dulce de leche fan. She has a special relationship with Haagen-Daz because of that love… their dulce de leche flavor is her favorite. So when I saw a recipe for dulce de leche on Lindsay’s site I absolutely needed to give it a go.

Check this out… easiest recipe ever! I kid you not! It has one ingredient. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Oh wait, yes it does. You throw that one ingredient into a slow cooker and do no work at all. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. SO easy. The one ingredient is a can of sweetened condensed milk which makes perfect sense considering that dulce de leche is simply sweetened milk that has been cooked slowly, until it’s thickened and caramelized.

All you do is take that unopened can of sweetened condensed milk and remove the label. Then you simply wrap it in foil, put it in your slow cooker, cover completely with water and turn on low for 7-9 hours. That’s it! I cooked mine for 8 hours. The result is a lovely, dark, caramel perfect for dipping fruit or drizzling over ice cream among other things. Oh, but one word of warning… open this can slowly and carefully. As I anxiously opened my can of dulce de leche, it violently splattered out of the can and all over the wall. Funny but could be dangerous if the hot caramel had splattered on me. On another note, my wheels are already turning for sweet treats that include dulce de leche since this is so easy to make!

*What’s your favorite thing to make in your slow cooker?



You can find Lindsay’s post HERE.


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